Statement Regarding 501(c)(3) for Greater is HE within me
Greater is HE within me is a grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to providing a unique experience of embodiment and connection to the youth of today who struggle with social, emotional, educational, and behavioral challenges, and who have complex trauma histories for a better tomorrow! As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, donations to Greater is HE within me are tax-exempt, and Greater is HE within me complies with all 501(c)(3) rules and regulations.

Greater is HE within me

In today’s society, there are so many resources for young girls and women to seek counseling and/or get tips on healthy living to be better individuals. However, there are rarely any resources for young men to look to.

Considering that +/- 25% of young men are currently growing up in a fatherless home and/or lacking male mentors, something is strongly needed.

Greater is HE within me thinks something needs to be done!

Greater is HE within me is striving to doing something today for a better tomorrow!

Our Mission
Plant a seed today and groom the youth of today for a better tomorrow! Contribute and grown together!
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Touching wounded hearts through horseback riding and equine-assisted psychotherapy periods


Empowering young and old males for future success through tutoring and vocational training periods


Sharing life wisdom and unconditional live and support through experiences and faith periods
About Us
I’m becoming the person I should have been some time ago.



Through horticulture Greater is He strives to provide financial, educational and agricultural resources. Math, science, social studies, health, and language arts will be included in the standard curriculum. Greater is He will educate on how gaining the knowledge of horticulture one will learn how healthy, nutritious food is produced, why fruits, vegetables and other vegetation are important not only to ones diet but ones community. Thus providing reasons to care for self, community and environment.



Through equestrian Greater is He strives to touch on areas of strength, physicality, gratitude, love, humility, perseverance and faith.



Each person that goes through Greater is He will learn that each person has their own experiences and through those experiences lessons are taught. Greater is He will emphasis on the belief that there is a beautiful plan far greater than what we could ever imagine. Greater is He will offer proof that with unfailing faith to believe that everything happens for a reason and hard work tomorrow can and will be better than today. Greater is He will assist in helping those that life has knocked down to stand back up

Key Teachings

What we say doesn't matter as much as what we do

Stressful times bring out who we really are

Hard work pays off

Its important to forgive

Trust can be BUILT

Life, career, resilience

Life coach and Mentoring

I am who I am, another’s approval is not needed.
Life coaching & Mentoring

Greater is HE within me will provide certified life coaches and mentors. Greater is HE with me coaches and mentors will help males address all transitions in their lives striving them to move past them while achieving a level of success, both personal and professional today and in the future. Greater is He within me strives to give lives a complete turn for the better. Greater is HE within me deals with issues like loss and negative changes (i.e., family structure, divorce or grief, weight gain, legal matters and/or addiction) by helping develop a healthy, positive outlook on oneself then life.

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Having strong male friendships are good. It’s tough going through life alone.(Mentor/Mentee)