Special Edition: Divine Partnerships

PC: Sabrina Serrano of Organizing Your Vision/Art Director: Kyme Dang

Coming together with the right people, and striking a special working rapport, is every small business owners’ dream. How else could we grow into our full potential without each other? Moreover, how could we endeavor to grow such relationships, authentically, where it doesn’t feel forced?

Music has inspired all the ways that I’ve created, past to present, to come to the fore. Whispered to build several entities throughout the years, and operating at full potential is very enriching, but can feel empty when you can’t share it. The attempt to forge such organic partnerships were always exercised, but seemed to fall short.

When Organizing Your Vision‘s, https://www.organizingyourvision.com/ Sabrina Serrano came into my life, I knew I found a young entrepreneur hungry to grow her voice with her business. A great friend to bounce dreams, ideas, and silliness off of, this partnership naturally came about when we were asked to co-lead a faith-based lifestyle group together. The “realness” grew from there.

We played off each other well, and discovered we had similar visions for our businesses and lives. When music started, she was the 1st person that came to mind, to invite to the studio, and since then, we’ve worked together in many capacities, for the rolling out of my 1st EP EPOCH. Listen here: https://doingthedangthing.com/

Now the credited photographer of my feature as an artist and entrepreneur, in SDVoyager’s local hidden gems segment, http://sdvoyager.com/interview/meet-kyme-dang-kyme-dang-music-lady-dang-hair-encinitas-del-mar/  the sky seems to be the limit for our relationship. Professionally, we are kindred spirits. Personally, I can only speak for myself, in that I feel beyond blessed to have her as a divine partner and friend.

Special thanks to another divine partnership with The Industry‘s, https://www.theindustrydelmar.com/ Blyss Macias for submitting my name to SDVoyager.


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