Everything Counts

Let’s say you stopped denying that you are a creative being, and wholeheartedly decided to believe it. Something inside shifts, and simply aligning with that truth creates a bubbling to find out what that definition may look like for you. This, curious kinetic activity, comes in so many forms. From sewing to baking, to writing, to building a new plan for your family, and the list goes on and on. Whatever it may be for you, this effervescent energy, can’t seem to be contained.

When we decide to say yes to every bubbling, something miraculous happens. We come alive a little more with each manifested thing. There is a relentless voice that accompanies looking in hindsight of this process, and judges each bubble’s significance. A harsh voice, that may be accompanied by those who don’t understand the process, witnessing our journey alongside us. Everyone means well, as they are family, friends, co-workers, and peers, and so do we, when we mutter such judgements to ourselves. There’s something about this judgement, that belittles the process, and berates each effort. We wax and wane between this place, and if not careful, allow it to kill the effervescence and innocence of just creating. Unknowingly, projecting self preserving ideologies, and philosophies. No one is immune. We’ve all done it, and it’s been done to us, in our ignorance.

After I came out with my EP, and allowed the tremors to settle, my spirit got very quiet. I often say, my projects are like my babies. Once birthed, they are their own thing. As their parent, I”m watching and listening for how to nurture each ones’ needs, as they come up. A whole gamut of feelings spring up, as you can imagine, some needing more care than others, but you love them completely the same.

As music came back into my life, and the manifestation there of, God took me on a little journey, to look over the landscape of these last 4-5 years. Intently, and contently living by His direction, I found myself saying to clients recently, that my spirit just knows, I’m up for a major paradigm shift really soon. I found myself identifying the times of checking in with Him, once or twice, to see if it was time yet. Met with a gentle quiet, which meant to continue as I knew how, I woke up this past Monday morning to Him whispering into me, “All in”. It was His way to start the discussion, that it is time.

The amazing thing about this, is we tend to look in hindsight to see our paradigm shifts. I’ve noticed for me, when this was the case, a refining was needed. Survival mode adjustments, to get me to the next place and receive more well being. This was also true in starting this conversation, but the alignment was quicker, and discussion was more about devising the right plan to walk this out. It’s quite a phenomenon to see a paradigm shift coming towards you. I imagine this is what lovers feel in their anticipation of being husband and wife, or when a man and  woman have their 1st child. You just know, your life is going to change significantly, but not exactly how. It comes with a different kind of reflection. More of a holistic perspective, and appreciation of all those seemingly separated, manifested bubbles. They had their place after all, in leading you to this point. The feelings are exciting, but more foundational, peaceful, grounded, still, and deeply anchoring, rather than spastic or un-contained.

Standing in this place, the cusp of such a paradigm shift, there’s a secret smile to be discovered. A smile full of deep knowing, and trust. You realize everything counts, and nothing was for not. Each manifested bubble, trained you, and was practice for this exact timing. And so begins a new thing. Familiar, but wrapped in a whole new context. There is something beautiful about seeing the overarching Hands we are truly in. The eyesight of seeing God, authoring with His mighty pen, our lives. Not just above, but propped up on His shoulder, to see the view from there. As we partner with our “yes”, regardless of if we, or anyone else, deems them significant, His plans are deeply embedded inside the obvious plan that we think we see. At the exact appointed time, He reveals, some of what it truly is, to wow us, and a new awareness of how loving a partner He completely is.



2 thoughts on “Everything Counts

  1. I wouldn’t have appreciated this until recently. Love how you describe the journey, and your relationship with Him. You work at it, implement the plan, and, like a cake in the oven, He tells you when.

    I feel your sure footed swagger, quiet confidence in being grounded as you reach for the sky. I inspires me, and I’m behind you some, finishing my plan, and looking forward to the journey. Godspeed, Kyme!

    1. Thank you for your feedback Chuck. I’m unsure as to why He compels me to blog these things at times, but in obedience, it’s done. Thank you for being so supportive in this journey. I’m thankful these entries affect you in some way. May God continue to bless you my friend

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