A Woman In Love By Kyme Dang


I lay on Your chest in the pages of Your Word,
You comfort me w/ a deep soul’s rest in the cool of Your truth.
Refreshing springs like the crisp mountain streams,
I lay myself down to be taken care of.
The trust you ask me to have blankets like a loving patchwork quilt,
Keeping me warm in the bitter cold of night.
A nostalgic reminder of comfort,
Lying on my bed,
At a glance it catches my eye.
A quiet smile spreads across my face,
The reminder, You are in all the small.
Kept secret for a certain eye to see.
You make my world glisten,
Like a night sky bursting constellation stars & galaxies.
I’m in Your creation.
A playground of sorts,
And far, far away from here.
Wrapped up in timelessness.
One with The One
Guaranteed that it’s finished & done.
I rest my cheek on your chest, that are the pages of Your Word.
My eyes well up in joy.
The single greatest thing I’ve ever known.
The single, everlasting place I get to call my home.
Like the gentlest of mist, on a dew filled morning.
Like an anticipated 1st kiss.
Your life.
The electromagnetic charge in all things.
The buzzing is a symphony of music to my ears.
A white noise faintly calling,
Underneath the clamoring of heavy feet.
You dance effortlessly.
Your beauty in a body, stretched arms, open wide.
The war against my abide,
Fails every time.
For my eyes are completely caught,
My sole desire to see.
My anchored loyalty,
For this sacred love,
No one can steal from me.
In a crowded room, I look for You.
We smile across the way.
And in that 1 gesture, we’ll always be okay.
Inside jokes, we steal away,
All at a moments notice.
A woman in love,
You’ve fashioned me to become.
You asked to make your home in me.
My pleasure to respond in kind.
You whisk me off my feet & spin me to & fro
Amongst the battered & the blind.
A place I once resided.
Miles, You put in between,
In such a short amount of time,
I looked up, and it was all redeemed.
And now, we walk into Your great unknown.
A new me, an infinite You.
Hand in hand, side by side,
The way that lover’s do.
I take Your outstretched hand,
To have this dance with You.
Finally, I have someone,
Who will never let me go,
I breathe a sigh of deep relief,
You teach me all I know.
My feet on solid ground,
You’ve laid down Your coat,
My thankfulness abounds,
My heart is fully soaked.
I lay my cheek in rest, on Your chest,
That are the pages of Your Word.

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