A Mighty March: A Lifestyle Of Creativity That Is Kingdom Creativity Conference 2018


It’s slated to be a Mighty March, and our very own Awakening International Reformation Center & Church are putting on their 3rd Annual Kingdom Creativity Conference! Hosted at Crosspointe Life Church in La Mesa, the conference will be going from 03/16 @ 5:30pm Friday evening  to 03/17, all day Saturday. A special dinner engagement on 03/15, Thursday evening, is available for registered participants. Seating is limited. Visit Awakening’s page at https://awakeninginternational.church  for more info & to register, as it’s only 1 week awayUse coupon code: EPOCH to save $10.

At the beginning of 2018, we at He Within Me, heard it was the Year of Participation. If you’ve dared to stick your neck out and participate, the benefits of reaping the moment, and momentum of this year, are yours for the taking. The 1st step of starting anything, is just that, a start. But what keeps us from taking it, is truly more complex.

It’s been psychologically studied, and reported time and time again, that our brains are hard wired with what is called, a negative default. Overly simplified, this default basically assesses what can go wrong, and what is detrimental to our well being. Pain hurts for a reason, and gives us information to make smarter choices moving forward, but for it to paralyze us is another thing entirely.

On the surface, it’s easy to observe someone “on the rise”, and think, they are rising by themselves. But anyone who dares to participate knows full well, there is nothing further than the truth. Although, the 1st step is on the individual to take, in the many steps to follow, a community is born.

You’ve heard the old adage, “it takes a village“, well we caught up with Brae Wyckoff, coming out with his 5th book, Demons And Thieves, so hot off the presses, you can smell the ink. A special run of hardcover & paperbacks, will be available at the conference.

We asked Brae to share a little about his experience, on how the community came to be, helping Demons and Thieves, become a reality.

Brae: “A lot! A lot of people…We had 10 beta readers, 1 editor, 2 graphic designers: one for the map, and 1 for the cover…and amazing support. I had a whole prayer team, intercessor team, and just amazing support from KWA family. The idea came to me 13 years ago, once God said “I want you to start writing this” it was a 3 year process. Did the research, writing it out, rewrites, editing, and getting everything ready for it. That’s the skinny”

We asked his thoughts on going after the “lone wolf” mentality, with regards to being creative:

Brae: A lot of people have been talking about that. For the longest time I always hear authors say, “I have to be by myself” or “I’m doing this alone”. Yea, the creative flow can be that, but you’re never alone, especially when you have the Spirit of God with you. There’s a whole team behind you, there’s a collaboration happening. This whole movement of people behind the scenes, and in front of the scenes. It’s just this whole process to make it come to fruition. I think that’s perfect, that’s the way God designed it to be. He wants us to be in community as we create. It’s not a single sport. This isn’t a “just you” thing. So I can’t stand it when authors say “I’m going away into a cabin or a cave and write by myself”. It’s not the way it’s supposed to be, and it’s not healthy.”

John Heywood, an English playwright, once wrote, “many hands make for light work”. My brother in law says this all the time as he manages all things family. So if that negative default has you thinking there’s too many cooks in the kitchen, I’d like to propose, the real question to ask, is how big of a feast are you trying to have?

It is written, we are made in His image. We see our Father make a seat at His table for all who know Him. Along with his beloved son, Jesus says it best in John 5:19: “I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself. He does only what He sees the Father doing. Whatever the Father does, the Son also does.” He illustrates collaboration in every sense of the word.

So take that 1st step. Participate by registering for the conference below, and start the process of collaboration, making a feast for others to come, and sit at your table. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kingdom-creativity-conference-tickets-42304964287

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