2018: Participation Part 2

In Part 1, we were asked if 2018 was God’s invitation into full participation to realize the hidden treasures He’s entrusted to us? Regardless of if we trust, we identified that He has already made the 1st move in entrusting us with such precious things, and is it demystifying manifesting those precious things that really hangs us up?

We all want to appear like we “have it all together”. Looking messy on the outside, regardless of what’s really going on behind closed doors, for some reason is a point of shame, we were taught at one time or another. Deep down, we all  know we’re in process, but God forbid that we look that way. So we continue to justify, or resign to, continuing the things we “look good at”, even though the expiration date to trade it in for learning and growing in something else is way past due. Is this passivity actually atrophy? Can we continue to afford losing muscle for the sake of “looking good”? When you think about physical health, doesn’t that just sound counter to what we know is true? So why do we convince ourselves that the importance of realizing such things would be any different?

Let’s say you’ve decided to get on the rollercoaster ride. The clicking of the car that you’re in, as it climbs the height, and you find yourself right on the cusp of it’s 1st drop. The built up anticipation, and mixed bag of fear and excitement, gives way to the wind in your hair, the 1st adrenaline rush of the ride, and some may even let out a well deserved scream or two. But gosh, the enjoyment and the feeling of all of your senses tingling, is something to behold. By the time the 2nd drop rolls around, the dust has been shaken, you kind of know what to expect. You’re more relaxed and allow yourself to enjoy the ride, and to see what’s next. Then, the last and final drop. You didn’t even know that it was the last one until you pulled into the station, and it’s hard air brakes screeched to a halt. It takes you a minute to collect yourself, and your left with a sense of euphoria for no reason, except you screamed a bunch and got knocked for a loop. Smiling, and chatting it up with your fellow riders, you walk to where all the pictures were taken. When you find yours, and see yourself, your eyebrows are more than likely raised, eyes wide, mouth gaping. Miles away from that perfect Instagram selfie pose, or that cutesy, rehearsed smile you’ve gotten down since you were 5 for family pictures. But you don’t care, you had a good time. No one else cares either, they’re feeling the same way about their own experience. You’re surrounded by those who understand why your picture is like that, ’cause so is theirs. You may even buy the picture to mark the occasion.

Why do we think life is any different than that? There may be a voice saying, “you don’t like roller coasters, so it doesn’t apply.” But a journey into the unknown is much the same. When you have a relationship with God, you know He’s with you for all of it! You have the ultimate wing man for your experience. To participate has no guarantees, but is it worth sacrificing the experience, and who and what, comes into your life to share it with?

San Diego, Orange County, and L.A. County recently dealt with massive destructive fires. Now the other half of the country is experiencing an arctic freeze that sharks in Massachusetts’ shoreline are washing up dead from the cold. When you’re faced with what to grab if you were about to lose it all, important paperwork, food, shelter, clothing aside, it’s the things you can’t replace. You grab at least one heirloom from loved ones, if you have any, and all the pictures you could never get back again.

I bless the pictures of your participation in 2018! Collect, and share them. I believe, it may just be, one for the books. Happy New Year!

-“Fear not little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom”-Luke 12:32


4 thoughts on “2018: Participation Part 2

  1. Absolutely love your writing my friend, so spot on and so encouraging! You bring up such a profound concept in participation, it makes me think of 2 Peter 1:3-4 where Peter tells us we participate in the Divine nature and that this gives us all we need to live godly lives. He goes on to describe that living godly lives is not easy in this world, which is so similar to your roller coaster image. But think of it, as we navigate the ups and downs that life inevitably brings to us, we are also participating in the very life of God, which is kind of the point of He Within Me. Looking forward to more of your thoughts. Keep at it sister, this is good stuff!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment brother! Thank you so much for your perspective & encouragement as well! I can’t wait for what is to come this year!

  2. Wow… this was powerful .. thank you! I’m not a fan of roller coasters but I sure am a fan of life and living fully alive! I loved the visual and look forward to an exciting and authentic 2018. ??

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