2018: Participation Part 1


As a son and daughter of God, there are hidden treasures in each of us. In fact, the very process of God correcting, refining, encouraging, and moving us along in the various ways He does, is to unearth these hidden treasures. If you think about it, His creation speaks loudly, when it comes to the many forms of shaking up, and shaking out, treasures buried deep, hidden in, or covered from sight. Ah, but in all due time, a bud blooms, a seed sprouts, a baby is born. It happens every single second of the day and night, on Earth, and in all of the celestials above, and below. Each creation, in His special time, suddenly seen. There is not one time in this life, He is not revealing something in what He has created, including ourselves.

If we are not too quick to define who we think we are, or drown out with busyness for the sake of seeming productive, and decide to tune into what He has been saying over our lifetime, we realize He planted special seeds in each of us, and whispers them out. One of the most special revelations I’ve discovered about God is in His gentle coaxing, how it echoes and reverberates within us when we simply agree. We can ignore it, and pretend it isn’t there, but it’s there, and the more we tune into listening, and decide to trust, there’s an opening of sorts to a mysterious adventure. Each step in this adventure, lies precious clues for the next one.

When you check the physiological state of our bodies when we trust, all of our senses are heightened. We are relaxed in anticipation, peaceful in the process, and comfortable in our own skin. Our heart rates, and breathing, are calm but alert. Even our posture focuses towards that which we trust. In essence, the position of trust is an open vessel to receive.

I’m convinced, most of us are in this state, because I’ve collected sound bites of conversations commenting, “For years I’ve been thinking about doing this..” or “if I had unlimited resources, I would do that..”. The underlying tones are either excitement, hope-filled, pensive, distant, or regrettable depending upon what that person is deciding to do about it. We are full of ideas and inspiration from God, but we either decide to push them down, away, or reprioritize what we think should be first. Now mind you, I’m single with no kids, and do not in any way, shape, or form compromise on the important responsibilities of prioritizing family and community time. In fact, the lion’s share of my priorities for years are home, family, and community. God does not compromise on those priorities either. What I am proposing is: do we really have trust issues, or is it something else?

This is where participation comes in. Dictionary.com states that participation is: “the action of taking part in something”. Merriam-Webster, goes further to describe the word participate means: “to possess some of the attributes of a person, thing, or quality”. Let that sink in a bit. Are we really hung up on trust, or is it actually participation? Focusing on that second definition, is it that we are just not clear, on how to embody the attributes of that which God has already deposited?

On this New Year’s Eve, eve day, this Part 1, led by the Spirit, is to help shift your thinking to the possibilities of what it truly is. I wanted to gently reframe the perspective of the words trust and participation. This was not intended to devalue anyone’s personal experiences and processes of healing and unearthing. Some years are arduous, and feel more like plowing hard ground, but I believe we are moving into a season where we have hit moist, and rich soil. What an amazing gift that God has given us to know before 2017 has even finished, that in what we think are trust issues, He has already entrusted us with hidden treasure, and is it our participation that He is truly calling for in 2018? Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow, New Year’s Eve Day!

“Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God” -Mark 4:11


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